Faux: short story; crime thriller; romance.

“We have you out-gunned.” I said, slowly and firmly, bringing the mace to readiness above my head. He eyed me and my weapon, then relaxed and took a step back from James.  “Lock the door.” I instructed, and my ally bolted it.

Martin is a businessman of unconventional morals, but when he makes two new acquaintances he is nudged over the line which separates dubious law-abiders from criminals. In the hours that follow, Martin must ride the moral, romantic, legal and confrontational breakers that result.

Set in the bristling streets of Birmingham, the story creates a resentful and amoral hero who has a very, very heavy day.

I wrote the opening of Faux when I was 18, and chipped away at it occasionally in the time that followed. I decided, recently, for reasons that I can’t completely innumerate, to publish it myself. So, here it is. It is available as an ebook, with an audiobook version coming soon.

Read extracts from Faux.

It’s 10,000 words, free for a shor t time, and contains your guideline daily amounts of sex, violence, crime and self-destruction.

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2 thoughts on “Faux”

  1. I have had the pleasure of reading Faux several times. I have read it during all the stages of publication and can confidently say that right now, it’s the best it has ever been.

    The story itself is captivating, it’s edgy and cool which is, in my opinion, essential for a short story nowadays.

    Une nouvelle noire.

    Very cool, very interesting, worth a read.

  2. Courtesy of Oliver Cox’s unique approach, which seems ideally suited to ‘the short story’, ‘Faux’ comes at you from another angle; it cannot easily be categorised. Its atmospheric and graphic tone grips you and the fast-moving style streaked with interesting personalities [oddballs?!], sexual snapshots and clever understated wit quickly takes you to the heart ─ and the heat ─ of the action. And there’s plenty going on! You’ll soon find yourself looking out for Faux’s follow-up. Don’t leave us waiting too long Oliver!

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